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13U Tomahawks


13U Tomahawks – This team will be an evaluation-based
team for baseball players that do not turn 14 before May
1st.  This 13u team will be 100% "kid pitch/live arm".  This
team will play other "A-level rec" teams as well as local travel
teams.   This team could play games on fields with a 50' or 54'
pitching mound and 70-80' base dimensions.  This team will play
approximately 30 games and enter 1 "travel" tournament.

Battle Ground Rec will support a limited number of
"Tomahawk" teams as we feel not everyone that
"wants" to play at this level is necessarily "ready" to
play at this level.  The teams will be
evaluation-based and selected at the discretion of
the coaches approved by the Battle Ground Board.