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Registration for the Fall 2021 is now open!

Fall season registration will go through August 15th with fall ball starting on or after August 16th. The fall ball season will wrap up around October 17th although some teams may use the fields a little longer if weather allows.

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Fall 2021 Registration Rates

Offering Rate Offering Rate
Tee Ball $80 Pixie Softball $130
6U Baseball $90 Cadet Softball $150
8U Baseball $130 Junior Softball $165
10U Baseball $130 Minor Softball $165
12U Baseball $175
14U Baseball $175

Fall 2021 Registration #s

Offering Players Offering Players
Tee Ball 19 Pixie Softball 0
6U Baseball 11 Cadet Softball 0
8U Baseball 25 Junior Softball 0
10U Baseball 16 Minor Softball 0
12U Baseball 10
14U Baseball 7



Battle Ground Recreation

Battle Ground Recreation is a registered non-profit organization located in Battle Ground, Indiana. It is just a few short minutes from Purdue University, Lafayette and West Lafayette.. Battle Ground Rec offers baseball, softball, and tee ball for players from 4-15 years of age with a spring and fall season each year. 


BGTomahawks Battle Ground Rec BGTomahawks

Contact us BGSR

PO Box 66, Battle Ground, IN 47920